About Us


Our Vision

To strategically utilize technology to revolutionize philanthropy.


Our Mission

Make Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology available to nonprofit agencies as a modern rapidly expanding funding source.



Our Work

We focus on the ever-growing philanthropic needs of nonprofits by offering innovation through cryptocurrencies. We bridge the gap between modern technology and its practical applications for attracting new donors. 

Charity Crypto Advisors provide the tools needed to get nonprofits quickly up and running to accept cryptocurrency as well as provide support to agency staff in education and marketing.

Nonprofits benefit by being able to easily connect with the largely untapped arena of cryptocurrency. The platforms we offer are safe and convenient to donors and simple to manage for nonprofits.

Our Team

Based in Stuart, Florida


Tom Nangle


“Succeeding at business is difficult. Starting a business from scratch is much harder.”

Tom was born and raised near Philadelphia. While working his way through engineering school, he was a junior engineer in the aviation industry in Texas.  Moving to Pratt & Whitney in the 70’s, Tom earned a record number of outstanding engineering achievement awards, was assigned to Pratt’s prestigious Leadership Development Program and ultimately become President of Pratt & Whitney Technologies.

In the mid-90’s, Tom left Pratt to begin his second career as a serial entrepreneur.

He has a proven record of entrepreneurial successes:

  • Agilis Group – Turbine technology, President
  • Alliance Technical Services – Turbine technology, President
  • ETS Power Group – Turbine technology, President
  • Cobalt Creative – Internet marketing, President

Having a keen interest in promoting youth talent he served as VP of the Treasure Coast Concert Association and was a board member for the Lyric Theater.

During 2020, Tom created a very successful nonprofit to raise money to buy “Thank You Hero” gourmet box lunches and send them to medical staff at local assisted living facilities. It was a big hit.

Tom is very proud of his three high-achieving, technically inclined daughters. Tom is a computer geek and a health and fitness nut.

High integrity, kindness and optimism are Tom’s guiding principles.

Clay Williams

President Acheive Causes 

Clay Williams has more than 30 years of technology experience, with the past 20 years dedicated to helping causes, nonprofits, and civic organizations leverage technology to fulfill their mission.

Clay has architected, built, or overseen the development of hundreds of websites and sophisticated web-based applications. He has guided research and capacity-building initiatives at Achieve and has been a leading proponent of the use of social media and digital marketing techniques to further the goals of nonprofit organizations.

Clay holds a BS in Systems Engineering from Boston University.

Ashlea Bowlin


“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – Harvey Mackay

Ashlea was born in Germany on an American Army base. She moved around quite a bit, but in the end the home within her heart would become Florida. Her interest in computers came at a young age with the introduction AOL’s free Internet Trials.

Imagine if we still had to listen to that annoying sound before our internet connected. Amazing how far technology has come in such a short time!

Having always loved board games & console games as a child it didn’t take Ashlea long before she fell in love with online gaming. This ultimately sparked her interest for web design, web coding & graphic design. Before she graduated High School she collaborated with a group of three of people to develop an online game.

Ashlea earned an Associate of Science degree in Graphic Design from Indian River State College and then went on to achieve her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising from Savannah College of Art & Design.

Obtaining a job as a Digital Designer she remained in Atlanta for another almost 5 years before returning back to Florida. Ashlea then took a few years before getting back into the industry. Opting to instead follow another interest which involved more of a workbench than a desk.

The desire to be creative again brought me back into the world of digital design. I found Charity Crypto Advisors and we’ve been working together ever since. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather use my abilities for than to help non-profits generate more revenue that will allow them to do even more good in the world.

Are you ready to start?