Marketing Support

We will help you understand and market to this new donor base

Cryptocurrency Simplified

We will explain Cryptocurrency in very simple terms – – and – – how you can easily participate. 


Create Buzz

Create buzz within your existing donor base by embracing this new monetary technology.


How it works

We will help you to quickly automate Cryptocurrency donations and securely direct-deposit into your bank account.


Crypto Fundraising

We will provide proven techniques for Cryptocurrency fundraising.

Tax Benefits for Donors

We will share CPA tips on how Cryptocurrency donations can provide a big tax benefit to donors..

Your New Revenue Stream

We will show you statistics on the rapid growth of the Cryptocurrency market and numbers of potential donors holding Cryptocurrency.


Launch Planner

Charity Crypto Advisors will provide valuable marketing tools that will help you launch and promote this new cryptocurrency donations program:


  • Internal “Sell Sheet” for your board, management and staff
  • Crypto infographics – diagrams showing what it is and how it works
  • 3 custom promotional and informational crypto blog articles
  • Social media posting templates to promote crypto donations
  • Fundraising letter templates to encourage crypto donations
  • Crypto donations campaign branding and logo
  • Links to our website (Blog articles, White-papers and FAQ’s)




    Signing Up

    To ensure that your account is valid and super-secure, certain corporate, personal and banking information is needed when you sign up.

    1. Click on the “Sign up Now button
    2. Fill out contact form
    3. We will help set up your secure and validated account
    4. We will ask you for the following
      • Nonprofit with Articles of Incorporation (Sunbiz)
      • Control Person with Drivers License
      • Voided Check

    5. Your secure account with Gemini Crypto Exchange will be activated after validation.

    6. A custom button “embed code” will be sent to you. This new button embed code must be placed on the Donation page of your website. (We can help)




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